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Branding, Consulting, coworking


Brnd Consulting
Creative Writing: Edgardo Hernandez
Art Direction: Ana Olteanu

With the idea of starting his own consulting firm, filmmaker and certified coach Ricardo Ball designed a consulting program that allowed people to connect with reality in order to live autonomously and independently by applying cultural biology and artistic currents.

We underwent Ricardo's "Rediseñarte" program to understand his methodology and define the fundamental pillars of this branding.

This is how we created the brand "Coautores", a consulting firm that teaches people to be the authors and protagonists of their own lives, using motivational and business consulting programs based on the fine arts.

Coauthors refers to the authorship of the artists, as well as the cooperation of all to improve as people. It also makes a nod to the discipline of coaching and the career in film that defines its founder, Ricardo Ball.

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