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Elemental Branding, Mau Cagigas

Hiiver is a brand born in Mexico that aims to break paradigms in the fitness industry by creating high-performance athletes based on the ideology of transcending physically, mentally, and spiritually. They achieve this through two types of training: Cycle and Bootcamp.

Naming (Hive + High Intensity)
Hive is the place where bees live and work intensely and as a team. On the other hand, High Intensity refers to an activity and/or high-performance training.

The combination of both words describes the activity, level, energy, feelings, and strength that the HIIVER community embodies. It represents a community that works together with great intensity and dedication, just like bees in a hive, to achieve their fitness goals and transcend physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Visual Identity Concept
The logo explores different options until arriving at a letter "H" that possesses enough personality to function as a standalone symbol while seamlessly integrating with the brand name. Additionally, the logo's typography has a sequence of weights that simulate acceleration and dynamism.

The brand maintains a minimalist visual system, where the use of photography and typography prevails to highlight specific messages. It also features an expanding wave that emanates from the hexagonal shape of honeycomb cells, symbolizing the dynamic and collaborative nature of the community, similar to the teamwork of bees in a hive.

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Hiiver logo, Grid Animation
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