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Elemental Branding

Traveliz is a new luxury travel agency founded by Lizzeth Marcos, a renowned Luxury Travel Coach with experience in over 100 cruises.

Lizzeth has built a name and a reputation over the years, which she aims to maintain with this new brand. Therefore, part of the challenge was to create a name that, besides being functional, also conveyed her values and instilled a sense of belonging.

After extensive brainstorming and exploring different paths and options, the name "Traveliz" was born from the combination of "travel" or "traveler" + Lizzeth (the founder's name). This brand seeks to promote a lifestyle of travel and adventure. With creativity and ingenuity, it creates unique, personalized experiences tailored to each traveler.

For the visual identity, we created a symbol inspired by the paths to be traveled and the different adventures offered by the agency. It also serves as the initial letter of the brand.

Additionally, we employed a minimalist and elegant layout style, always seeking to enhance the various landscapes and destinations.

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